Magic Filter

This plugin provides a series of filters that are applied to the images while is taken and stored in the camera. The 6 filters are: 6 Filters: Image Equalization (color), Binarization of Image or Threshold (Red, Green and Blue), Grayscale, Blur, Erosion-Dilatation, Negative

Select the desired filter using the Mode button. The Wi-Fi icon will change colors, indicating which filter is set. Blue: Image Equalization (color); Green: Image Binarization or Threshold (Red, Green and Blue); Cyan: Grayscale; Magenta: Blur; Yellow: Erosion-Dilatation; White: Negative. Note: when the filter is being applied the Wi-Fi icon will flash. Until it stops blinking, do not press any other button. The process takes 1 - 4 seconds depending on the filter.

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